Meet our three centenarians

Not one, but three Country Court Care residents celebrate their 100th Birthdays this month, in a busy month of celebrations Joyce Walker who lives at Eccleshare Court Care Home in Lincoln will be 100 on 9th October, Mary Williams at The Laurels Care Home in Draycott, Somerset on 13th October and Van Hackett at Lakeview Lodge Care Home in Milton Keynes on 22nd October. The three ladies will celebrate in style with family and friends, enjoying parties, cards from Her Majesty the Queen, cakes, and entertainment.

The three centenarians shared some of their life stories with us and tips for living to 100 years old!

Joyce Walker is a very much-loved member of our Eccleshare family

who loves singing and musical activities especially when children come to visit during activity sessions. A true yellow belly, Joyce grew up in Scorer Street in Lincoln, she loved nothing more than riding on the back of late husband Kenneth's motorcycle.Eccleshare Court Care Home

Joyce loves sharing a laugh and joke over a good cup of tea with family and friends. She likes to look well-groomed and regularly gets her hair set in the salon at Eccleshare and always joins the pamper sessions with the other ladies to have her nails painted.

When her friends at Eccleshare Court were asked for their thoughts on Joyce, everyone said her smile. She always has a smile for everyone, taking their hand and kissing it, then holding it to her cheek in greeting.


Mary Williams who lives at The Laurels Care Home

was born on the 13th of October 1919 in Isleworth, Middlesex to Dorothy (Dolly) and Ernest Green. The Laurels Care HomeHer father was a Station Master and they lived in station houses in various places across the country.  During the 2nd World War Mary went to work for the railways and was based at Waterloo Station as a short- hand typist. She remembers typing up the plans for D Day and bringing the troops home. She also remembers when the film stars of the 1930’s would come into the station having arrived in Southampton by boat.

Mary married Ivor Williams in 1945, having met in a pub in Holmwood in Surrey, Ivor was in the Army at the time and Mary settled into being an Army wife. She enjoyed all the social events, including dinners and dances. A year after her marriage her daughter Sue was born.

In the 1960’s Mary became a publican with her husband, they ran the Castle of Comfort in East Harptree, Somerset and the Red Lion (now The Plough Boy) in Greenore, near Bristol.


Lakeview Lodge resident Van Hackett

puts her long life down to a happy marriage to her beloved husband Dennis. They met at a dance, however, she thought she’d never see him again as he had to go away to sea. Happily, he sought her out on his return, and they were married in 1943, enjoying sixty-three happy years together. With her husband frequently away at sea for long periods, Van established her own successful career as a PA to a Director at pharmaceutical company Potter and Clarke Ltd in London. Dennis’s career as a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy took them to live in Singapore for two years where they enjoyed a wonderful life on the naval base. Always hardworking, Van was PA to the Captain on the base and continued to work part-time for an estate agent on their return to England.Lakeview Lodge Care Home

Van was born in Poplar in 1919, she later moved to the Isle of Dogs and then to Broadstairs in Kent in 1952. During world-war two she as an air-raid warden and stayed in London throughout the war. Her unusual nickname comes from her maiden name of Vanner, which was shortened to Van by family and friends as she didn’t like the name Emily. She comes from a family of long living relatives, with her mother reaching ninety-nine and her twin brother reaching 96.

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