Brother and sister reunited at Lostock Lodge Care Home

Cheshire residents Bill and Dot spent many years living apart but have recently been reunited when they came to live at Lostock Lodge Care Home in Lostock Gralam near Northwich. The brother and sister, now in their mid-80s, were born in the village of Barnton and loved growing up in the countryside.

 Lostock Lodge

It’s been wonderful getting back together, previously we only saw each other at Christmas and Birthdays for many years, so we’ve welcomed the opportunity to spend time together in later life” said Bill. Speaking about living at Lostock Lodge Care Home he added, “It’s been beyond all expectations”.


After completing his National Service with the RAF, Bill spent much of his working life as a Senior Design Engineer working in Warrington and many other places over the years. A keen golfer and cyclist he enjoyed keeping fit and spending time walking in the Lake District. He has keenly embraced modern technology and keeps in touch with his son in Australia via email and text message.


Dot added “We’ve not been part of each other’s lives for so long, so it’s been nice to catch up”. The pair now enjoy meal times together everyday and spend time chatting about their families and their lives. Both are widowed and have families living a long way away so have been delighted to have the opportunity to spend time with close family.


It’s lovely to see people coming together, we have a wonderful family atmosphere here at Lostock Lodge” said Home Manager Lianne Webb.

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