Norwood Grange welcome newly hatched chicks!

Norwood Grange Care HomeResidents at Norwood Grange Care home in Sheffield have had a fantastic opportunity to hatch a brood of chicks and raise them for the first weeks of their life.

The eggs were delivered to Norwood Grange together with specialist equipment including incubators, heat lamps, bedding and feed. After their week with the residents the chicks will be returned to their farm to continue their upbringing.

Norwood Grange Care HomeResidents have been able to watch the chicks hatch out of their eggs and are now getting to meet them for the very first time! They've loved handling them and it's provoked lots of questions and observations. Residents have also been reminiscing about keeping their own chickens, sharing stories and anecdotes with staff and friends.


"They've been absolutely fascinating for the residents and the staff" said Wellbeing and Activities Coordinator, Michelle. "We've seen how the chicks can offer companionship and comfort, they've really bought out our residents' nurturing instincts!"


You can read more about Norwood Grange Care home here. Norwood Grange Care Home

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