Summer Lane residents benefit from new sensory therapy

The team at Summer Lane Care Home, Diamond Batch in Worle, Weston-super-Mare work tirelessly year round both within the home and in the local community to raise awareness and offer support to people living with dementia. Dedicated Well-being and Activities Coordinator April Lewis has had many years of experience caring for residents living with dementia.Summer Lane Care Home

We are constantly looking for new ways to help and support our residents with dementia” says April “we have had some great results using sensory care, which focuses all of the five senses”.

The daughter of resident Vera recently commented “I would like to say how amazed, impressed and delighted I am with the sensory care my mum has been receiving from April."

"My family had commented that for several weeks mum was "different" like a new person - we thought her pills had been changed but when we discovered that she was receiving sensory care by April [Well-being and Activities Coordinator] on a one-to-one basis and sometimes in a group it all made sense; she seems to have come alive again, is more alert, awake, responding more, trying to communicate more - it is astounding and amazing and wonderful to see."Sensory room

"Along with the fantastic care staff I know my mum has the most amazing care and attention.”

Summer Lane Care Home have a dedicated sensory room decorated in calm colours with music and low level colour change lighting. Furnishings are soft to the touch with bed or chair where residents can receive a variety of therapies. Studies have shown that using these rooms can enhance feelings of comfort and well-being, relieve stress and pain, and improve communication and memory. 

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