Our promise to you

It might be obvious, but it's worth saying that we will only achieve our objective to be recognised as the company that delivers the best personalised care in the UK if we keep developing ourselves and investing in every member of staff.

When you commit to Country Court Care, to be part of our story and to do your bit to care for and support our residents, we return the compliment by helping you to develop and grow too.

We don't just mean the technical skills that you need to do your job – which of course we will provide. We recognise that people who are drawn to the care sector have great capacity and desire to change things for the better for the people they care for. We want to maximise your potential to do this, because everybody benefits. So we will talk to you about your interests, what you like and what you think you could do better if you were given the time and support required.

Your own personal development plan

We believe that the best learning happens in every day experiences in the workplace. But we don't leave things to chance; we agree with every one of our staff a personal development plan that is frequently discussed and updated with your line manager. At Country Court Care every manager recognises that a positive relationship with every member of staff and an individual development plan is key to achieving our objective to deliver the best personalised care across the UK – because we all have different needs and interests.

When you first join us you will find out everything you need to know about Country Court Care; our aims and opportunities and where you and the home you are working in fits in. We know that delivering on the promise we make during the recruitment process is crucial to a long and happy relationship. We truly value long-term working relationships and we show this by celebrating and rewarding staff loyalty and commitment in ways that really mean something.

Acknowledging our staff 'heroes'

Our experience tells us that every day there are many 'unsung hero' stories – given the nature of our work and the environment in which we operate, there are untold stories of special achievements; of going the extra mile for the benefit of our residents. And we also know that the best source of these stories is our employees themselves – that's why we are developing a recognition and celebration plan for all our unsung heroes. We want to acknowledge the amazing work that our staff undertake day in, day out because at the end of the day we all like to be appreciated and have our efforts recognised.

We are keen to integrate fully into the local communities in which we are based. As an example of this as we acquire new facilities we look to involve local schools by helping us on projects around the home, by helping choose the name of the home and start building immediate links that will be long standing and mutually rewarding. In the same vein, we intend to create opportunities for our employees to impact positively on the local community through a variety of means: supporting good causes, fund raising, lending a hand wherever it's needed.