Our Vision and Our Life Values at Country Court Care

At Country Court Care, we strive to be the best at recovering, operating and growing care businesses in the UK, where we will be an award-winning provider with expertise to deliver the highest quality care by professional well-trained staff – to be the yardstick by which other providers measure themselves. No matter what the individual need, Country Court Care has an innovative solution.

Our customers will experience a high quality, welcoming environment offering a stimulating range of activities integrated with the local community. The integrity of our friendly staff makes everyone feel reassured and valued. Listening to and acting on feedback about our services, ensures we are always investing in our people and improving our services.

Our people will see a solid foundation with opportunities for progression and personal development, supported by senior management who recognise individual achievement, offer clear incentives and promote a sense of teamwork, appreciation and openness.

Our objective is to be recognised as the company that delivers the best personalised care in some of the finest residential and nursing care homes in the UK. In order to succeed in this goal we have established 'Life values' to which every member of our staff will strive to achieve.

Our life values

  • We respect that every individual and the best care experience for them is unique
  • We believe that the small details are what make the difference
  • Discovery and delivery of the small details forms the basis of our hallmark of highly personalised care
  • Our professional work is led by the principles of empathy, integrity, kindness, respect and trust

These life values should be evident to everyone that comes into contact with our company – plus the recognition that our clients (residents, families, commissioners and professional colleagues) are at the centre of everything we do. We value positive customer relationships and recognise that we must always behave in a way that reflects this.

Translating our vision and life values into our daily work

Quality is a measure of fitness for purpose and – as promised – our services are never compromised. Safety, equally so.

As management we say what we will do and do what we say. When we get it wrong, we acknowledge it, learn from it and do everything possible to ensure we don't repeat the error.

  • We aim to create genuine opportunities for staff at all levels, to participate in and contribute to the pursuit of continuous improvement – and incentivise them to do so.
  • We are open and honest about our ambitions for the growth and performance of the company, explaining clearly the benefits of success and the consequences of failure.
  • We value, acknowledge and reward loyalty, commitment and 'Going the extra mile'.
  • We are honest and inclusive: we are straightforward and treat every member of our team as a grown up; helping them while trusting and expecting them to understand and support our objectives.
  • We invest appropriately in staff development, with an open acknowledgement of the mutual benefits: learning – whether formally or on the job – is intended to be rewarding, appealing and fun.
  • We hold each other to account and help and support one another whenever necessary. We neither cast blame nor turn a blind eye when things go wrong, but rather focus all our energies on making them right.