Keith’s wish comes true at Beech Lodge Nursing Home

Staff at Beech Lodge Care and Nursing Home were able to fulfil one of their residents, Keith Lambert’s wish to visit the Newark Antiques Fair after organising the day out through their Make a Wish campaign.

Keith who is 68, used to run an Antiques shop on Steep Hill in Lincoln, for over twenty years. He enjoyed telling the Wellbeing Team at Beech Lodge how he used to trade at the Newark Antiques fair, alongside his friends. The team knew he’d love to have the opportunity to go back and relive some of those times and when they found that the next fair was at the beginning of December so tickets were quickly booked for Keith to go.  It was an opportunity not to miss as Keith is reluctant to leave his room and the team struggle to get him to engage with activities unless it’s on a one-to-one basis in the garden or his room. They felt this was just what he needed.

During the visit Keith remembered trading in the Lady Eastwood building so they had a look inside after having a browse around all the outdoor stalls. He recognised his friend Michael, straight away and Michael was over the moon to see Keith again after so long.  They had a wonderful catch up, reminiscing about mutual friends in the industry, how business had been recently and how Keith’s health is.

Jodie from the wellbeing team who organised the trip said, “We had a lovely stroll around all the stalls and Keith was telling me all about his time in the trade and was teaching me about what to look for in items and how to age things”

For more information about Beech Lodge Care and Nursing Home or to make an appointment to view the home please contact, Anu Bijoy Home Manager on 01406 423 396 or email careenquiries@countrycourtcare.com.

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