Boating fun for Ferrars Hall residents

Staff at Ferrars Hall Care Home in Huntingdon recently arranged a boat trip on the Ladybird for a scenic adventure along The Great River Ooze. The trip was arranged as part of their ‘make a wish’ initiative. The initiative is run by Country Court, the company behind Ferrars Hall Care Home. The trip allowed the residents to travel from Hartford Marina to Brampton.

The residents thoroughly enjoyed their outing on the Ladybird boat which they had all to themselves for the full 3-hour trip. One of the Activity coordinators at Ferrars Hall commented that the trip was a huge success with all residents as ‘you could see on their faces they loved it’. Showing that the team at Ferrars Hall had really connected with what the residents wanted to participate in as a ‘make a wish’.

One resident in particular, Anne, had fun recreating the famous scene from Titanic on the bow of the boat. As it was the perfect setting! Anne got to re-enacted the scene with one of the brilliant volunteers which put a big smile on everyone’s face.

The trip was a great opportunity for the residents to feed the ducks, dance to music, have a sing along and interact with other boats on the lock. A few residents even ventured onto the bow of the boat with blankets to see the beautiful scenery as it passed them by. Maggie wanted to stay out longer. So, she was wrapped in multiple blankets to keep warm and stayed out for an extra 20 minutes to view the passing surroundings.

 The Ladybird Boat Trust (LBT) was set up in 2013 and is based at Hartford Marina near Huntingdon. The vessel Ladybird is wheelchair accessible and accommodates up to 20 passengers in a large heated cabin complete with kitchen and wheelchair accessible toilet facilities. The open foredeck area enables passengers to enjoy to the full the magnificent scenery and wildlife on the river.

Overall, the trip was jam packed with activities and had different aspects for everyone to enjoy.

For more information about Ferrars Hall Care Home, or to make an appointment to view the home please contact Chloe Kenna, Customer Relations Manager on 07849 830520 or email chloe.kenna@countrycourtcare.com

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