Castor Lodge Residents Set Sail with Peterborough Sailability

On Thursday, 14th September, three residents from Castor Lodge Care Home near Peterborough embarked on a sailing adventure with Peterborough’s Sailability, a local charity based at Ferry Meadows that aims to make sailing more accessible for those with disabilities. 


In line with Castor Lodge’s commitment to a person-centred approach, the Wellbeing Team consistently encourages residents to delve into their passions, rekindle old hobbies, or even discover new ones. 

"When I am sailing,

I am free"

The day was marked by joy and laughter as the residents enjoyed the experience of sailing. Under the guidance of Saleability’s trained volunteers, the residents actively participated in steering the boats and embraced the open waters. 

“I enjoyed my sailing experience, and the team were very helpful. I got to steer the boat and we didn’t crash!” explained one resident. 

Another commented, “In my wheelchair, I always feel different but, when I am sailing, I am free, I am the same as everyone else”.

"Many of our residents have found a new hobby"

Val Winter, Wellbeing Coordinator at Castor Lodge, commented.

 Over the past six weeks, weve been supporting our residents to go sailing! They have enjoyed this unique experience and we are grateful to the whole team at Sailability for supporting our residents to do this.  

Many of our residents have found a new hobby, and plenty have enjoyed reminiscing on their favourite past times. We look forward to coming back next summer.”

Sailing is just one of the many activities residents at Castor Lodge have enjoyed this summer. From day trips to the seaside, fishing trips, the regular book club and art sessions. There have been many opportunities to enjoy sociable activities and make new friends.

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If you would like to learn more about life at Castor Lodge, please get in touch with Laura Mills, Senior Customer Relations Manager on laura.mills@countrycourtcare.com or call 07725 799 217. 

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