Celebrations at Ferrars Hall for Residents 66th Wedding Anniversary

Recently at Ferrars Hall Care Home in Huntingdon Resident Catherine and her Husband Bill celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary. They were treated to a private dining experience at the home where they enjoyed a 3-course meal made just for them by Chef Caroline Tykot and their amazing staff team. Activity Coordinator Nick commented on the day saying "Never has there been such a love between two other people, and we at Ferrars Hall were kindly invited to celebrate in the Anniversary of Bill and Catherine’


Bill and Catherine first met in Biggleswade market Square one Sunday afternoon. They were both out with their friends and bumped into one another. Husband Bill recalls ‘Catherine was getting onto a bus the first time I set eyes on her but couldn’t pluck up the courage to speak to her’. But Bill's friend chased after her and asked for her name to give to him. After their first brief encounter in Biggleswade market Square they bumped into each other again at George's Hall one Saturday night. It was here they started chatting and Bill plucked up enough courage to arrange a date with Catherine. Since that time, they haven't been apart and the same night Bill was released from the National Service in the RAF. Bill has always worked from 16 years old to the age of 62 years old when he retired. Bill was in such high demand, the day he was offered redundancy, he came home to 6 job offers! Bill and Catherine got married in 1957, Catherine was 18, and Bill was 21/22. They got married in St. Leonards Church, in Old Warden at the top of the hill surrounded by friends and family. After their wedding day they had their honeymoon in Bedford.

After the pair married they moved into their first cottage together which was opposite the cricket pitch in Old Warden at the bottom of the hill near the church where they had married in 1957. A few years later they had 4 children Teddy, Andy, Graham, and David. But they sadly lost their son Teddy at a young age due to an illness.

‘Bill and Catherine are a wonderful couple who have enjoyed many experiences together in their many years of marriage. They always have brilliant stories to tell us at the home’ commented Customer Relations Manager Chloe Kenna.

For more information about Ferrars Hall Care Home, or to make an appointment to view the home please contact Chloe Kenna, Customer Relations Manager on 07849 830520 or email chloe.kenna@countrycourtcare.com

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