Devika Day Centres at Hermitage House Care Home

Hermitage House Care Home in Thrapston is now regularly hosting Dementia Day Centre sessions. Facilitated by Caroline Ignatius and her team from Devika Day Centre, the sessions provide meaningful, physically and mentally stimulating activities, plus opportunities for friendship and companionship for those living with Dementia in the local community.

During the session, people enjoy a wide variety of activities from a personal training chair exercise session once a month from Rob Reinaldo who is a trained practitioner, playing Jenga and crocheting, followed by a refreshing cup of tea or coffee, biscuits and a chat. A light lunch is also included. The sessions also provide much needed respite time for people caring for or supporting someone living with dementia.

Devika Day Centre is led by Caroline Ignatius who named the company after her Mum, Devika, who has been living with Dementia for 13.5 years now. Her Dad has also recently received a diagnosis of Vascular Dementia, following a Stroke in December 2022. Caroline is passionate about Dementia care and is devoted to providing support for others who may also be caring for a loved one at home, as this is something she has experienced herself.

‘Our dementia day centre is here to provide support and care to those living in the community with mid to late stages of Dementia, who may need additional personal care and behaviour support. For 5 hours, we are in their world and we create an environment where they can just be themselves and feel seen and heard. We are so grateful to Hermitage House for allowing us to hold these sessions in such a beautiful and safe environment.’ Commented Caroline Ignatius.

‘The Devika Dementia Day sessions do not have a set activity itinerary. Instead they are led by their attendees and their feelings on the day. They also tailor their sessions to what everyone wants to do and they keep it in line with normal day to day activities like having a walk or having a conversation. It’s proving very successful at Hermitage and the feedback we have received since the launch has been nothing but positive.’ Commented Home Manager Clare Hedge.

'We find that puzzles have been very popular with our attendees. They are great for concentration and teamwork. We also have things like a portable putting green, a safety dart board, bowling, chair football and we throw bean bags into hoops, which is a much-loved sensory based, physical activity. Our activities do sometimes bring out everyone’s competitive side, which is great to see as this can increase self-esteem and self-confidence. Music plays a huge part in every session and we also have our amazing singer Amanda (The Singing Gardener) who joins us once a month for everyone to enjoy’ Commented Caroline Ignatius.

‘We have had lots of positive feedback from our sessions. There’s been one attendee in particular that had an assessment after coming to our sessions and had been said to have improved. It shows that what we are doing at Devika can really make a difference to people’s lives. 

I’m constantly learning about Dementia and its many shapes and forms through my own family's Dementia Journey. At Devika Dementia Day Centres, we aim to support those in their next chapter in life in any way that we can.’ Commented Caroline.

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To enquire about a place or to find out more information, please get in touch with Caroline on 07760 357 095 or carolineignatius@devikacarecompany.co.uk or visit www.devikacarecompany.co.uk for more details.

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