Exciting New Partnership at The Laurels Care Home in Draycott!

The Laurels Care Home in Draycott is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP). The initiative is designed to prevent falls through improved muscle strength thereby, enhancing quality of life for older people.

Exciting health and wellbeing partnership at The Laurels Care Home with SASP -

We’ve just launched a strengthening exercise programme with SASP, this involves their team regularly visiting our home to lead group and 1:1 exercises focused on fall prevention,” said Home Manager Melissa McConville. “They will train our staff to support individual residents with their exercises outside the sessions. We've started by offering 1:1 strength and balance exercises to our residents who are most at risk of falls.

Tracie Philpott, a former occupational therapist, is leading these sessions, bringing a wealth of knowledge to each of our residents. The partnership also provides well-fitted slippers free of charge to any resident who wants them. Furthermore, they are lending us equipment such as exercise pedals, games, and interactive projectors to try out,” added Wellbeing Coordinator Hayley Russell.

Improving mobility and quality of life -

The benefits of this partnership are already evident. Our residents look forward to the exercise sessions and feel motivated afterwards, improving their quality of life. The initiative has sparked creative ideas for us to increase mobility and incorporate fun exercise activities within our home’s weekly wellbeing program. One significant change we’ve seen as a team from this partnership has been an improvement in our residents’ quality of sleep.’ Commented Home Manager Melissa McConville.

'The programme has also provided the home with an interactive OMI projector which has been a hit with our residents living with dementia, who usually find it hard to engage in activities. This interactive table captivates their attention and focus. Another resident, who struggles with physical activities due to her medical condition, was completely engaged and involved. The partnership has proven to be inclusive of all needs our residents have which is brilliant.’ Commented Wellbeing Coordinator Hayley Russell.

Planning for the future -

‘Looking ahead, we are excited to continue working with Tracie Philpott and the team at SASP to further reduce the risk of falls and improve cognitive functions and mood for our residents at The Laurels Care Home.’ Commented Home Manager Melissa McConville.

Learn More -

To find out more about life at The Laurels Care Home please contact Home Manager Melissa McConville on 01934 742 649 or via email melissa.mcconville@countrycourtcare.com

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