Ferrars Hall Cricket Match Wish Comes True for residents

Residents Eric, Tony, and John at Ferrars Hall Care Home in Huntingdon recently had their wish granted to watch a live cricket match. The staff team at the home organized a visit to St Ives and Warboys Cricket Club as part of the Country Court ‘Make a Wish’ initiative. The initiative allows residents to tell members of staff about somewhere they had always wanted to go or a special activity they had always wanted to do.

Cricket wish granted at Ferrars Hall Care Home - 

‘St Ives Town Cricket Club was founded in 1872 and is an established, successful and welcoming club. They welcome players of all standards and ages. In September 2018, both St Ives Town Cricket Club and Warboys Cricket Club decided to merge to create a stronger community club for both areas. Our vision is to create a ‘Cricket for all’ culture to develop local players to compete at the highest level they can but also to provide appropriate levels of cricket regardless of ability.’ Commented to St Ives and Warboys Cricket Club

‘This wish was especially important to the residents as Eric used to be a professional cricketer in Yorkshire, Tony used to play in South Africa and John used to play in his local village. We thought as a team it would be a lovely linked wish to grant and something the gentleman residents could bond and reminisce over.’ Commented Senior Customer Relations Manager Katie Peters

‘We enjoyed getting to meet the team and watch them play in the match. It transported me back to when I used to play myself and I had a keen eye watching the team's techniques’ Commented Resident John.

The Wellbeing Coordinator Nick Walter commented that “We were made to feel very welcome by the St Ives and Warboys cricket club, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Our residents particularly enjoyed discussing their time as cricketers with the current players over a cricket tea at the end of the visit”. Wellbeing Coordinator Angela expressed her gratitude towards St Ives and Warboys Cricket Club for having them attend the match and thanked them for their kindness and hospitality.

‘We always aim to grant as many of our residents wish as possible as we want to make their next chapter in life with us as memorable and happy as possible’ Commented Home Manager Susan Dunnell.


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