Ferrars Hall residents enjoy exhilarating off road experience

Country Court launched their ‘make a wish’ campaign by taking two residents on an exhilarating off road driving experience. John Barker (84) and Gloria Bunyard (75) enjoyed a fantastic day out at the Land Rover Experience Centre at Rockingham Castle. The pair who are residents at Ferrars Hall Care Home in Huntingdon, and carer Mark Taylor, spent an afternoon experiencing the off-road capabilities of the Land Rover.

John who had a long career in the emergency services including driving an ambulance, took it all in his stride and enjoyed the different terrain. “This is great, of course I’m used to it, having done a lot of driving in my career”. Gloria enjoyed the afternoon out in the countryside and was impressed with carer Mark’s driving skills.

The driving course included axel twisting sections taking the vehicle onto two wheels, steep slopes, mud and ruts and even a through deep water to cross a ford. The all-terrain vehicle which has the capability to ‘Hill descent control’ does most of the work for the driver making it an exceptionally smooth and safe ride. Gloria and John enjoyed the course and asked to go on the ‘extra steep’ sections too!

Care Homes across the Country Court group will be asking residents what their wish would be and endeavouring to grant as many as possible. Residents wishes are written on tags and tied to the home’s ‘wishing tree’. Each care home will be working with resident’s families and together with the care team, will be coming up with creative ways to make wishes come true!

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