Ice Cream Make A Wish at Hermitage House Care Home

Hermitage House Care Home in Thrapston recently fulfilled resident Jeffrey's heartfelt wish by reconnecting him with a cherished childhood memory: indulging in traditional ice cream with all the trimmings during his visits to Scarborough Beach. The event sparked joy among all residents as they reminisced about Scarborough, sang songs from their youth, and enjoyed traditional ice creams with their beloved toppings.

Reminiscing about childhood trips and treats

"Jeffrey and I struck up a conversation one day, and he immediately recognised my 'Yorkshire' accent," shared Supporting Home Manager Holly Hunton. "This led to discussions about his hometown, Wakefield, and eventually to his favourite place he's visited – Scarborough Beach.''

Other residents eagerly joined in, sharing their memories of Scarborough including Jeffrey, who fondly recalled the unique soft ice cream and how he often desired to try one again.

'Jeffrey closed his eyes and imagined himself back on the Scarborough seafront, savouring a proper cone with a genuine flake – 'not those cheap ones,' as he put it," recalled Supporting Home Manager Holly Hunton. "He described the sensation of red strawberry sauce, or 'monkey blood,' trickling down his fingers, describing his wish for a true ice cream experience again."

'To recreate Jeffrey's fond memory, we arranged a variety of old books about Scarborough for residents to view in our marketplace" added Home Administrator Jess Grayson. "We even had a traditional ice cream trolley so that each resident could choose their favourite flavour. As everyone enjoyed their ice cream and reminisced through conversations, we found ourselves singing and discussing the good old days."

One of the books on display depicted a couple skipping along the seafront, "I wonder if they still close off the seafront for their skipping events," commented resident Jeffrey.

When asked if Jeffrey would like to visit Scarborough again he commented, ‘I’m happy with the memories I have as I know it will have changed and I am grateful to have reminisced today with friends and staff at Hermitage House’.

The afternoon held special meaning for both residents and staff, with many expressing appreciations for moments like Jeffrey's smile. "This is why we do what we do," one staff member commented, while another remarked, "It's heartwarming to witness the joy they experienced. They truly cherished this."

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