Moat House Care Home in Great Dunmow welcome mums and babies group

Residents at Moat House Care Home near Great Dunmow were delighted to welcome a group of mums and their babies to their home last week. The sessions, organised by Wellbeing Coordinator Kerry Pennock, have been very popular and a fantastic way for people from across the generations to meet and socialise together. The group meets bi-weekly for songs, music and refreshments

Creating a safe and welcoming space for mothers and their babies near Great Dunnow -

"At the mother and babies’ group, our residents get involved with the music and singing it’s a great way to introduce intergenerational care in a fun way. We also, use our interactive OMI table to play games, and bond over tea, coffee, and biscuits. It’s a wonderful intergenerational activity that our residents thoroughly enjoy," said Customer Relations Manager George Byford. The group provides a regular meeting place for mothers in Great Dunmow, offering support, a chance to make new friends, and opportunities to connect.

The inspiration behind the group -

Kerry Pennock shared the inspiration behind the group: "It started with an interaction with Charlotte, who attended a similar group in Waltham Abbey but wanted one closer to home. When she visited our care home with her baby, Bonnie, she was asleep in her pram. As I was showing Charlotte the lounge where I felt the group would work best baby Bonnie woke up and saw one of our residents' walking into the room,her face immediately lit up with a massive smile. I knew we had to create something for our residents from that moment. Many of our residents’ grandchildren are older, and it's been a long time since they've seen babies."

The positive benefits this mother and baby group has created for our residents -

"Our residents love chatting about the babies, which sparks memories and conversations. It's a great opportunity for them to have a good chat with different people. The mothers enjoy having a unique place to meet, and it's wonderful to see the babies grow. So far, we've had babies aged from 6 months to 3.5 years," commented Home Manager Jade Smith.

Learn more -

If you want to find out more about the Mum and Baby Group at Moat House Care Home, or want to find out more about the care home we invite you to get in touch with our Customer Relations Manager, George Byford, at 07399 062 647 or via email at george.byford@countrycourtcare.com.

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