Neale Court Care Home residents go back to school

Residents at Neale Court Care Home in North Hykeham enjoyed a month of ‘Back to school’ themed activities throughout September. Care and Nursing Homes across the Country Court group were encouraged to use resident’s ideas and memories of school days to create fun and engaging activities. 

The ‘back to school’ activities had a different weekly theme throughout the month, with prizes for the most engaging activity each week. In week one, the challenge was to learn a language, week two was poetry week and week three was science week. For the final week, the care homes held a school theme day, staff dressed up and residents enjoyed fun lessons and activities. Residents enjoyed school dinner themed menus for lunch with sponge pudding and custard for dessert to make it fully authentic.

At Neale Court, residents started the week designing ‘Neale Court Academy’ school ties, they learned a few words of French, German and sign language. They wrote and performed their poems in week two and enjoyed experimenting in the garden for the science theme in week three. The month culminated in a graduation ceremony; residents made mortarboard hats and had fun taking a class photo. They enjoyed traditional playground games and even playing the recorder again.

We loved our school-themed activities,” said Wellbeing Coordinator Becky Bourke. “It was a great opportunity to reminisce with people about their school days and what they used to get up to. Evelyn shared her school photograph and school report from 1940 with us. She was aged 11 when she went to school at Aveley Junior School in Essex. Her report described her as a ‘satisfactory pupil’ and her effort as ‘good’, it was fascinating. We also enjoyed the playground games and had a wonderful afternoon playing conkers, marbles and hula hoop.”

Photos and videos of the activities at Neale Court can be seen on the home’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/nealecourtcarehome. For more information about life at Neale Court Care Home, contact Home Manager Becky Exton on 01522 682201 or email nealecourt@countrycourtcare.com.

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