Pet Therapy at Westfield Care & Nursing Home

Residents at Westfield Care & Nursing Home in Boston enjoyed a pet therapy session in their garden recently. Michelle's Animal Therapy & Petting Party paid a visit with a whole menagerie for residents to meet including dogs, chickens, a bearded dragon, a guinea pig, a hamster, rabbits and even crabs. Fury friends such as Diego the 18-month-old Chihuahua, Pearl the chicken and Thumper the dwarf rabbit where particular favourites

Pet therapy sessions have a huge positive outcome on care homes. These sessions help build a person’s confidence, improve social skills, reduces depression/anxiety, reduces the feeling of loneliness, boosts the feeling of happiness and increases a person’s ability to show a caring nature.

‘Seeing the pets within our home encourage residents to start - conversations about pets they had within their families. They all loved reminiscing about past pets and sharing such lovely memories’ Commented Home Manager Shirley Woods.

‘Timmy took a particular shine to Pearl the chicken who he carried around in a special basket and walked her round the whole garden. Lina also loved taking Mitsy the dog for a walk but more so loved putting her in the coat Michelle had brought with her’ Commented Well-being Coordinator Erika.

‘Resident Linda’s whole afternoon was made when all the animals arrived. Her face was filled with joy watching all the animals play. Phylis took a shine to Diego the Chihuahua and loved playing with his colourful toys’ Commented Home Administrator Anna.

‘Some residents were brave enough to feed the crabs which was very different to see. The residents have absolutely loved Michelle’s variety of animals within our home. We hope to arrange another visit in the future as it was such a huge success. We even had family members join in on the session and grow fond of all the animals too’ Commented Home Manager Shirley Woods.

‘My husband Paul was so excited to meet them all thank you Michelle and Westfield for an enjoyable afternoon and we hope to meet all the pets again’ Commented Westfield Volunteer Wendy.

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For more information about Westfield, or to make an appointment to view the home please contact Shirley Woods, Home Manager on 01205 365 835 or email westfield@countrycourtcare.com.

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