Pony therapy for residents at Baycroft Flitwick Care Home near Ampthill

Baycroft Flitwick Care Home hosted some unusual guests as part of their Pet Therapy month. Wellbeing Coordinators Bernie and Giorgia organised a delightful afternoon of pony therapy for their residents. This special event brought back fond memories for many, as they reminisced about their own horses or recalled similar experiences such as childhood donkey rides on the beach.

Creating lasting memories for Residents at Baycroft Flitwick -

Emma Stein, the owner of 6-year-old American pony named Manny, led the session. ‘Manny's visit was part of a memorable celebration for Pet Therapy Month, designed to spark joy and conversation among our residents.’ Commented Wellbeing Coordinator Giorgia Dunning.

Manny the pony visits Residents throughout the Care Home -

The interaction between the residents and Manny was heartwarming. They were full of curiosity, asking Emma numerous questions about him, such as his age, his previous therapy experiences, and if they could ride him. They even shared compliments about his appearance, particularly his lovely mane and forelock. Emma took the time to educate the residents about the pony. We are most looking forward to booking another session with Manny and Emma in the future.’ Commented Wellbeing Lead Bernie Hoo-Hing.

Given that this was Manny's first outing in a while, the visit was kept short to ensure his comfort. The residents gathered in the bistro, where Manny was brought to them for gentle petting and affectionate strokes. One resident, Angela, displayed a remarkable connection with Manny. The pony seemed charmed by her, cuddling into her hand as she gently stroked his nose. It’s moments like these that I know our residents will cherish.’ Commented Home Manager Corina Ashby.

The afternoon of pony therapy created lasting memories and brought a wave of joy and nostalgia to the residents of Baycroft Flitwick Care Home.

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For more information about life at Baycroft Flitwick Care Home and its upcoming events, please contact us at 01525 307 665 or via email at baycroftflitwick@countrycourtcare.com


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