Residents at Lyle House Care Home receive donation of exercise bike from AWA digital

Residents at Lyle House Care Home in Roehampton are delighted to be able to go on virtual bike rides while still in lockdown, thanks to a generous donation of an exercise bike from the agency, AWA digital. The Medicotech THERA static exercise bicycle and Motiview software enables users to take a virtual cycle trip across a variety of locations and is designed to stimulate people with dementia to be more physically and cognitively active. The bike and software have been designed specifically for older people and will benefit residents greatly, especially since the lockdown has prevented people from getting out and about.

The exercise bike will be in the Garden Room on the first floor enabling as many people as possible to use it.” Said Home Manager, Paul Morris. “Many of our residents have scheduled physiotherapy and group exercise sessions, so this will be a great supplement to those sessions. Our residents will be thrilled with the new equipment which will enable them to explore both new and familiar places, whilst keeping fit.”

The donation was made by AWA digital, an e-commerce conversion optimisation agency with clients and offices around the world. CEO Dan Croxen-John explained why he felt compelled to donate the equipment; “Growing up, I had always been close to my grandparents, especially my grandmother. While teaching English in Italy, I got the call to hear that my grandfather had died. I returned to the UK for the funeral then I went back to Italy. Gran was not a great writer of letters, but after I returned to Bari, she wrote to me. She told me how lonely she was without my grandfather. It upset me to think of her alone, in her armchair with no company and not much to look forward to. I vowed to do something about older people feeling lonely. 

Since founding my business, we have donated 5% of our profits to community projects. As time has gone on, I have become clearer what type of help I want these donations to offer - namely, to reduce the loneliness felt by older people - right now, in the UK, but over time around the world.”

Residents and staff thanked Dan and AWA and team for his very generous donation and are looking forward to inviting him to their home to see the bike in action once restrictions allow.

For more information about Lyle House Care Home contact Home Manager Paul Morris on 0208 878 3806 or email lylehouse@countrycourtcare.com.

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