Tesco Colleagues Volunteer at Oakview Lodge to create a squirrel assault course

Oakview Lodge Care & Nursing Home in Welwyn Garden City had a special visit from Tesco HQ staff who kindly volunteered to give something back to their local community in Hertfordshire. The team created an assault course for squirrels in the home's garden so that residents could have a unique encounter with nature.

Working together to make our squirrel assault course - 

‘The team at Tesco came up with the concept of a 'squirrel assault course’ after being told how much our residents enjoy watching the birds and squirrels from their lounge and bedroom windows. The idea was both imaginative and innovative. It promised to offer entertainment and a delightful connection with nature, a rare privilege for many of the residents.’ Commented Home Manager Clare Twiss.

‘The team from Tesco had a fab time at our home and said how lovely it is to be involved with the project. They interacted so well with the residents making sure to involve them in the whole process. The afternoon brought us all together which was extremely nice. So, I would like to give a big thank you to Tesco for all their support.’ Commented Customer Relations Manager Kelly Rowson.

‘Kieran & Sobia, team members from Tesco, went above and beyond with their contribution to our home. They kindly made scones and baked a lemon cake for us all to enjoy over the course of the afternoon while building the assault course. Also, the whole team’s attention to detail was incredible’ Commented Well-being Coordinator Rachel Davis.

‘As a team we have a keen desire to give back to the community and have some fun in the process. We are so pleased that the residents are enjoying the squirrel assault course, and we would like to thank the residents and team for having us over for the afternoon. We thoroughly enjoyed their company.’ Commented all the team at Tesco - Alison, Kieran, James, Jason, Sobia, Karl, Stef & Jamie.

‘Alison Kelly, the Price Integrity Coordinator from Tesco organised the assault course and brought it to life with the help of her team. The Team also seemed very keen to come back and do something else fun and imaginative for our residents as they had enjoyed themselves and saw how happy our residents were.’ Commented Home Manager Clare Twiss.

‘The afternoon saw so many of our residents venture out of their rooms to take part in the social activity. Watching nature is a common interest among our residents so this concept really catered to the enjoyment of all here at Oakview Lodge. We are extremely grateful to Tesco for all that they have created today for our residents.’ Commented Wellbeing Coordinator Mihaela.

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For more information about Oakview Lodge Care & Nursing Home, please contact the Customer Relations Manager Kelly Rowson on 07494 115 393 or email kelly.rowson@countrycourtcare.com.

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