The Devika Dementia Day Centre launches new dates at Castor Lodge Care Home

The Devika Dementia Day Centre first launched at Castor Lodge Care Home in Castor, Peterborough in August 2022. The service offers people living with mid to late-stage dementia weekly activity sessions and provides respite for carers. The sessions give service users a new lease of life through the formation of new friendships. 

After a successful start, we are pleased to announce from the 2nd of December, the Devika Dementia Day Centre will run an additional session each week, with sessions now taking place on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am – 3pm. The sessions are hosted at Castor Lodge Care Home, taking advantage of the dementia friendly facilities including a craft and activity room, contemplation room and a pub. A light lunch and refreshments are provided for attendees.

Both sessions are run by Caroline Ignatius who named the company after her mum, Devika, 77, who has suffered from dementia for the last 12 years but is now ‘close to requiring palliative care’.

“We have found that people have access to a lot of activity sessions in the community when they are first diagnosed with dementia However, when they get to a stage where they require help with personal care or behavioural challenges, their options become limited. They are not able to attend the activity groups like they used to, and this puts a strain on their carers and support network.” Caroline Said.

"I’m aiming to bridge that gap with Devika Dementia Day Centre by offering longer term support. The benefit is that people are able to live at home for as long as possible, being cared for by loved ones and living well within the community.”

If you would like to enquire about a place, please get in touch with Caroline Ignatius on carolineignatius@devikacarecompany.co.uk

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