Valentines Day at Hermitage House Care Home

Residents and staff came together to spread the love at Hermitage House Care Home in Thrapston and celebrate St Valentine's Day. The event truly encapsulated the family-first approach to care at Hermitage House.

‘From nostalgic songs to delightful treats, our Valentine's Day festivities were a hit among our residents, who fondly reminisced about their past experiences and offered personal advice to the younger generation of today on matters of love. They offered advice such as 'Never go to bed on an argument' and 'communication is key.’ Commented Customer Relations Manager Sarah-Beth Preston.

"Our Valentine's Day was a truly special occasion'

'Our Valentine's Day party was a truly special occasion where residents shared their wisdom and cherished memories,' remarked Gyalbo Tamang, Client Services Manager. The hospitality team provided a delightful spread of cakes, sandwiches, and other buffet delights, along with a glass of bubbly to toast the occasion.

'We dressed our dining room tables in crisp white table clothes and sprinkled them with rose petals and red balloons to create a romantic setting for our residents. We also had a large, handcrafted heart-shaped selfie frame for capturing special moments. Everyone had great fun" Commented Jess Grayson, Home Administrator.

The highlight of the event was the live performance by guest singer, Lindsey, whose captivating songs had everyone tapping their toes and singing along. The front-of-house team members couldn't help but notice the pure happiness shining from each resident as they immersed themselves in the music. "It was a joy to see them all together, enjoying each other's company and the wonderful entertainment," commented a member of the care team.

For resident Renee, the day held a special meaning as she reflected on the simple joys of receiving flowers and chocolates while hearing songs from her children's teenage years. "The atmosphere was simply magical, and it warmed my heart to see both residents, loved ones, and staff alike embracing the afternoon with open arms," she said.


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To find out more about life at Hermitage House Care Home, please contact our Customer Relations Manager Sarah-Beth Preston at 07754 559 526 or via email at sarah-beth.preston@countrycourtcare.com


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