Virtual Dementia Tour at Baycroft Flitwick Care Home near Ampthill

Staff at Baycroft Flitwick Care Home participated in the Training 2 Care UK Ltd Virtual Dementia Tour, providing them with a greater insight into the daily challenges faced by individuals living with dementia. The training is fully immersive and uses innovative methods and technology to give a person with a healthy brain an experience of what living with dementia is like. Providing staff with this experience aims to support the care provided at the home, encouraging greater empathy and enhancing their residents' quality of life.

Eye-opening experience -

Wellbeing Lead Bernie Hoo-Hing commented, 'The Dementia Bus was an eye-opening experience that helped me understand our residents' feelings and behaviours. The trainer's sessions related directly to what I've observed, answering many questions. It was disorienting to realise people with dementia feel this way daily. This experience exceeded my expectations and will significantly aid me in my role. Thank you to the team at Training 2 Care for supporting us with this session.'

Home Manager Corina Ashby added, 'As a manager, it's crucial to continuously provide additional staff training for those responsible for the care of our residents'. The virtual dementia tour provides a unique perspective into the symptoms experienced every day by those living with dementia, encouraging greater empathy among our staff team.'

Deputy Manager Marianna Kiraly noted, 'This training will give our staff at Baycroft Flitwick a greater understanding of behaviours they may encounter with our residents. It will now also make them pause and consider the emotions of the person in that moment, guiding them to respond with supportive actions.'

Wellbeing Coordinator Giorgia Dunning shared, ’During the training we were challenged to complete simple tasks, whilst experiencing the impairments of living with dementia. This highlighted how meaningful even the smallest of actions are for our residents. It made me think about the importance of taking the time to connect with people and not rushing.'

Continuing to better the service provided at Baycroft Flitwick -

Through training like the Virtual Dementia Tour, Baycroft Flitwick Care Home strives to provide compassionate and person-centred care tailored to the needs of each resident.

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For more information about life at Baycroft Flitwick Care Home and its upcoming events, please contact us at 01525 307 665 or via email at baycroftflitwick@countrycourtcare.com

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