Westfield Nursing Home grant resident’s sightseeing in London wish

Westfield Care & Nursing Home in Boston granted three of their resident's wishes by taking them sightseeing in London. The residents explored the capital on a sightseeing bus tour and were mesmerised by all that they saw. As part of the Country Court ‘Make a Wish’ initiative, residents are given the opportunity to tell members of staff about somewhere they had always wanted to go, something they’ve always dreamed of having, or a special activity they would like to do.

Sightseeing in London -

‘The trip to London saw our residents Kath, Leena, and Cliffe explore a completely different world to theirs at home. They saw famous landmarks including Big Ben, The London Eye and The Tower of London.’ Commented Home Manager Shirley Woods.

‘One of our residents, in particular, Kath, had never left her hometown of Boston. So, this trip was huge for her. I can safely say that she thoroughly enjoyed it and didn’t stop thanking us for taking them. This is a huge part of why I love my job by creating moments like this’ Commented Wellbeing Coordinator Amanda.

‘We learnt so much from our trip to London as on the sightseeing bus tour we had headphones that guided us at every point of what we were seeing. It was a completely different setting from where we are in Boston. Very busy’ Commented resident Kath.

‘Residents Leena & Cliffe reminisced over their past experiences in London and their time spent with family here. They said it brought back fond memories. It was so lovely to see all our residents’ eyes light up once we had arrived’ Commented Wellbeing Coordinator Erika.

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To find out more about life at Westfield Care & Nursing Home please contact our Home Manager Shirley Woods at 01205 365 835 or via email at Shirley.woods@countrycourtcare.com

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