A Platinum Celebration: Maisie and Bryon Mark 70 Years of Marriage

Maisie and Bryon Hinchcliffe, a couple from Stocksbridge, had a wonderful time celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary at Belmont House Care & Nursing Home. They enjoyed a homemade meal & cake made by the staff team, and received cards and gifts from their friends and family.

Maisie and Bryon's love story -

Maisie and Bryon first met at a dance where Bryon played the piano in the band. He still loves to play the piano to this day. They tied the knot on August 15, 1953, at St. Mathias Church and spent their honeymoon at Clifton Ville. Then they moved into their home on Cross Lane in 1958.

Asked about their secret to a long and happy marriage Maisie and Bryon said “We have always been supportive of each other and worked through any problems together. We never held grudges or let anger get the best of us!” They also made time for each other and kept their relationship strong.

Maisie and Bryon had different careers, but they both retired early. Bryon was a manager at the steelworks and Maisie worked at her sister’s decorating shop. She also helped a local elderly lady with her daily living needs. They have one daughter, Gillian, two grandsons, and great-grandchildren.

The couple loved to travel and have seen many places around the world, including Europe, America and cruises. They have been to Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Florida and more. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in Las Vegas with their family. Their daughter also threw them a surprise party at Cubley Hall for their diamond wedding anniversary.

‘Maisie and Bryon are a picture of true love and an inspiration to us all. We are honoured to have them as part of our Belmont House family. We love to hear their stories and celebrate their life together.’ Commented Home Manager Joanne Coldwell.

For more information about life at Belmont House Care & Nursing Home, please contact Joanne Coldwell on 0114 283 1030 or via email at [belmonthouse@countrycourtcare.com].

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