A trip down memory lane for resident Pauline at Fenchurch House Care Home

Special memories were rekindled for Country Court resident Pauline as she re-visited the care home where she was Home Manager. Pauline Walker, a resident at Fenchurch House Care Home in Spalding which is part of the Country Court group revisited sister care home St John’s also in Spalding and part of the Country Court group.

When Pauline Walker arrived at Fenchurch House and was chatting with staff members, she talked fondly about how over thirty years ago she used to be the Home Manager at St John’s Care Home. As a result of this conversation Hannah Mills, Senior Customer Relations Manager and Jolene Anderson, Home Manager of Fenchurch House decided to organise a trip for her to revisit St John’s Care Home. Natalie Parnham, the Home Manager at St John’s the staff team and their residents, were delighted to host an afternoon tea for her and gave her a tour of the care home. Pauline was thrilled to have opportunity to reminisce and share stories of how the home used to be and how it had changed.

The start of a busy career

Pauline has had a very successful and busy career, she began her training in London in 1949 where she completed her training as a nursery nurse, the course took three years and in Pauline’s words ‘It was a very good course.’ She then became a state registered nurse and did further training in psychiatry and midwifery, after finishing her training she found that she didn’t use midwifery as much as her other qualifications.

Pauline and Derek had a wonderful marriage

Pauline met Derek who she married on 31st July 1954.  Derek had joined the Navy and after just 10 days of being married, he was sent away with the Navy for 2 years. He stayed in the Navy for 7 years before leaving and then joined the Police Force, where he worked for 30 years.

Pauline and Derek had a wonderful marriage and were married for 56 years. They had three children, Andrew, Kim and Mary Ann. Even with three young children, it didn’t stop Pauline from continuing to work, where she worked 2 nights a week in a hospital until the children were older. 

Pauline and her family moved to Gedney Hill in 1986 and whilst working for the NHS she met Dr Khan who had partnered with someone who had a Care Home, he approached Pauline to see if she would help run the Home.  She was interviewed by Dr Khan and Mr Kachra, Chairman of Country Court and decided to take on the role of Home Manager, it was a new challenge for her as she hadn’t done this role before but enjoyed the challenge. At the time St John’s was the only care home in Spalding, Pauline stayed and managed the home for a few years where she has lots of memories of her time at St John’s, including fond memories of Mr Kachra and his family and looking round the home now she can see how much it has changed but it still brings back lots of memories.

Chatting has brought back so many memories

Pauline commented ‘’ It’s been lovely to chat and bring back all these wonderful memories, I am going to be 89 in July and the best thing I ever did was marry Derek but chatting to you has brought back so many memories that I had forgotten about, thank you.’’

Now a permanent member of the Fenchurch House family

Hannah Mills, Senior Customer Relations Manager commented, ‘’Pauline has now decided to become a permanent member of the Fenchurch House family and we look forward to sharing more of her wonderful memories from her busy and interesting life’’

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