Baked with love: delicious treats for residents at Heartlands Care & Nursing Home

Residents at Heartlands Care & Nursing Home in Yardley, Birmingham enjoyed a Valentine party complete with delicious cakes, music and dancing. Chef Manager Glory Kayode was tasked with baking three cakes for residents to sample and they voted for their favourite.  The three cakes chosen for the ‘Baked with Love’ competition were a chocolate and orange cake, Prosecco cake and Biscoff cake. Chefs at the 34 care homes across the Country Court group could interpret the recipes as they wished and create their own decorations. The cakes all had the ‘wow’ factor, and everyone was keen to tuck in and give their opinion on the tastiest.

We chose three very different cakes for our Chefs to prepare.” Explained Senior Catering Operations Support Manager Ian Powell. “We wanted to give the residents the opportunity to try something a little bit different from the standard Victoria sponge. We got some terrific feedback, and the cakes truly were stunning.”

Discussing our favourite cakes was a great conversation starter.” Commented Daniela Mackenzie, Home Manager at Heartlands Care & Nursing Home. “We discovered everyone loves to talk about cake! We spent time asking each of our residents about their favourite cakes, it was a great way to get to know people who have recently come to live with us. We had fun chatting about our childhood memories of baking and deciding which cakes we’d like to have at our party”.

At Heartlands Care & Nursing Home residents received a hand-knitted heart hung on their bedroom door. The gifts were knitted by the home’s Administrator Karen and gifted to each resident, they were delighted with the kind gesture. Residents enjoyed creating Valentine-themed artwork to decorate their home during their weekly craft session and had a fantastic time at their afternoon tea party.

To find out more about life at Heartlands Care & Nursing Home contact Stacey Debney-Webber on 01217 861212 or email stacey.debney@countrycourtcare.com.  

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