Couples Celebrate Valentine's Day with Special Meal at Heartlands

Heartlands Care & Nursing Home has hosted a heartwarming celebration for their resident couples on Valentine's Day. Sevgi Halil, Customer Relations Manager, and the Wellbeing team at Heartlands ensured the day was made extra special by facilitating the exchange of flowers among couples, followed by a beautifully arranged sit-down meal in their on-site pub. 


As part of the person-centred approach at Heartlands Care & Nursing Home, the Wellbeing team conducts life stories to understand the unique life history of each resident. The couples taking part in the Valentine's Day meal wanted to share their unique stories of how they first met.


How we first met

Brian explained.

"I met Wendy 51 years ago; she would go to a dance hall every Saturday with her friends. One Saturday, I went with my friends, and that's when I met Wendy and shared a dance at the end of the night.

Wendy gave me her number, but I forgot until a few days later when I found it in my shirt pocket. Wendy had also told me she was 21, but I later found out she was only 19!"

Resident couple Ray and Joan also met at a dance, explained their daughter-in-law, Romaine. 

“They met at a dance, and Roy walked Joan home. They only dated for a few months before getting married at the Birmingham Register Office on the 1st of April. They then went on to have four sons together.”

Rob and May also shared their funny first encounter, Rob explained. “We met in 1973 in a club. I asked May if she would like to dance, but she told me to go away a few times. In the end, she changed her mind and danced. We then got married in 1974 and have been together ever since.” 

“It was lovely to be able to do this for our residents"

Customer Relations Manager Sevgi Halil commented on the initiative.

“It was lovely to be able to do this for our residents and their partners and to see their family’s reaction was heart-warming. We just wanted to make sure they could celebrate together in a special setting."

Brian & Wendy

Brian & Wendy

Ray & Joan

Ray & Joan

"The staff have gone above and beyond"

Romaine, Daughter in Law of couple Ray and Joan, commented on the day. 

It’s amazing what you have done. It looks wonderful. The staff have gone above and beyond, I’ve never known a care home to do this for their residents.” 

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 For more information about life at Heartlands Care & Nursing Home, please get in touch with our Customer Relations Manager Sevgi Halil at sevgi.halil@countrycourtcare.com or call 07725 799 217. 


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