Celebrating Diwali at Tallington Lodge Care Home

Residents at Tallington Lodge Care Home in Tallington near Stamford celebrated Diwali this week. The five-day festival of lights is celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. Led by Home Manager Manju Panankavil, the staff performed a traditional dance for the residents to enjoy. The Indian dance tradition is thousands of years old and plays an important part in Hindu culture.

This was a wonderful opportunity to bring residents and staff together and to learn about each other’s cultural traditions. The residents loved seeing the staff dressed up in traditional sarees.” said Wellbeing Coordinator Chantal De Vries. “They were fascinated to learn about the hand gestures called mudras and how the dancing tells tales from Indian culture. Care Assistants Archana and Anjana bought in food for residents to try and share which was absolutely delicious. It was wonderful to see the staff looking so colourful and the home filled with light and music”.

Residents helped make Diwali diyas to decorate their home, staff also showed them how to make Diwali rangoli made from flower petals and coloured sand. Residents tried dressing in colourful sarees and enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival of lights and cultural traditions celebrated by staff in their home. The videos of the dancing and photos from the day were shared on the Tallington Lodge Facebook page for their families and friends to enjoy: https://www.facebook.com/tallingtonlodgecarehome.

For more information about life at Tallington Lodge Care Home, contact Customer Relations Advisor Heidi Kerr on 01780 740314 or email heidi.kerr@countrycourtcare.com.

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