Double birthday celebrations at St John’s Care Home

Staff and residents at St John’s Care Home celebrated milestone birthdays on Thursday, 4th March. Resident Grace Heeley celebrated her 100th birthday, and Lillian Brown celebrated her 95th birthday. To mark their joint 195 years, staff arranged a party and afternoon tea with singing and dancing.

Home Manager Jolene Anderson said, “We wish both Grace and Lillian a very Happy Birthday and congratulate them on reaching their milestone birthdays together. Grace’s family were not able to celebrate with her, so we made a big effort to make sure she enjoyed her special day. She was delighted to receive her card from Her Majesty the Queen and enjoyed looking at her cards and gifts from her friends at St John’s.”

Grace has lived at St John’s Care Home since 2014 and is a much-loved member of the St John’s Family. She is keen on crafts and enjoys drawing and painting. She recently helped sew knitted squares together to create a blanket that the residents had made in their knitting group. Grace and Lillian are both members of the St John’s choir and love singing.

Grace and Lillian were amongst over fifty residents at St John’s Care Home to receive their first Covid-19 vaccination in January. They were very pleased to have the vaccine, commenting, “Anything to get back to normal”. Grace and Lillian celebrated their milestone birthdays with afternoon tea with their friends at the care home, Chef Adrian baked two beautiful birthday cakes, and staff gathered to sing Happy Birthday.

For more information about St John’s, please contact Customer Relations Advisor Oliver Parker on 07540412871 or email oliver.parker@countrycourtcare.com.

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