Fun, friendship, and cakes for Valentine’s Day!

Residents at Country Court Care & Nursing Homes in Lincoln marked Valentine’s Day with Tea Parties and a ‘Baked with Love’ cake competition. Residents have been talking about their favourite cakes and recipes and submitting their ideas into the competition. Family and friends got involved through the homes Facebook pages which received many comments and suggestions. The top three cakes were chosen by the Country Court Catering Team and baked in all thirty-three care homes across the group for Valentine’s Day, where residents were able to sample the three cakes and vote for their favourite during their Tea Parties.

The three cakes chosen for the ‘Baked with Love’ competition were a Chocolate Cherry cake suggested by residents at Somerset House Nursing Home, a traditional Lemon Drizzle cake from The Grange Care Home, also a firm favourite with people commenting on Facebook. The third cake was a Mars Bar cake suggested by residents at Eccleshare Court Care Home in Lincoln. This cake was a no-bake cake which residents were able to help to make in their homes.  

At Eccleshare Court Nursing Home and Swanholme Court Care Home in Lincoln the cakes were baked by Chef Manager Noel Claveria. Residents had great fun sampling each one and voting for their favourite, they unanimously voted for Lemon Drizzle as their winner. Each care home had spent the week before making decorations and cards and had a great time at their Valentine’s Day Party. On the day itself, residents were entertained by their own ‘Singing Nurse’ David Stacey, who came on his day off to entertain everyone with their favourite songs to sing-along to.

We wanted to choose three very different cakes for people to try.” Explained Senior Catering Operations Support Manager Ian Powell. “We had over one-hundred and fifty cake suggestions and recipes sent in from residents, families and friends all over the country. We did a test bake of each cake to ensure the recipe worked well before sending them off to all our Chefs to bake for their parties.”

Discussing our favourite cakes was a great conversation starter.” Commented Sharon Kinsella-Pullen Activities Coordinator at Eccleshare Court Care Home. “We discovered everyone loves to talk about cake! We spent time asking each of our residents about their favourite cakes, it was a great way to get to know people who have recently come to live with us. We had fun chatting about our childhood memories of baking and deciding which cakes we’d like to have at our party”.

For more information about Country Court Care Homes see https://www.countrycourtcare.co/support-advice/lincoln-care-homes/  or email careenquiries@countrycourtcare.com.

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