International Day of Friendship At Country Court

In support of national friendship day on Saturday the 30th of July, we sat down with our lovely residents Maureen and Pauline to find out how they struck up a friendship when they moved into our Lyncroft Care Home in Wisbech

Maureen explained, “I met Pauline at the lunch table, she wanted my cauliflower, and I didn’t want her to have it!”

Pauline went on to explain: “I moved into Lyncroft a few months after Maureen. She was very welcoming (besides the cauliflower incident).

 I had a difficult time adjusting at the start as moving into a care home was a big change, but it was the right decision due to my decrease in mobility and I wanted to be with my husband, James. As you can imagine there was a lot of emotion especially when James passed away, but having the support of Maureen has really helped me.” – Pauline


Our Customer Relations Manager at Lyncroft, Mel Cushen said “Maureen and Pauline are always welcoming to our new residents, they also enjoy being mischievous and having a good laugh together. It’s been wonderful to watch their friendship grow.  Maureen was such a great support when James passed away”

We also sat down with Lucy Pope 90, Joyce Trice 91, and Barbara Court 87 over at Birkin Lodge Care & Nursing Home in Kent

They are know in the home as the calendar girls. We asked them for their advice on friendships. Lucy said ‘Do not talk about one another behind each other’s backs’. Joyce said ‘Never tell secrets or pass on any gossip’ she also said ‘Keep friends who make you laugh’ and ‘If I could travel on any ship it would be a friendship!’. Barbara said ‘No matter how many friends you have always retain your own personality’.

Lucy and Joyce met first, Joyce came to Birkin Lodge for a respite stay and the two met and formed a firm friendship. When Joyce left Lucy prayed every day that she would come back and was overjoyed when she came to live at the home permanently. When Barbara joined the home she was introduced to Joyce by the staff team who thought they’d get on, the three have been inseparable ever since.



Commenting on their friendship they said ‘No matter what your age you can meet friends later in life. We all like each other for who we are.’ When Joyce’s brother comes to visit he always brings her chocolates but she’s now told him to bring enough for three people.

To find out more about life at Country Court care homes contact your nearest care home, you can find a full list of all our care and nursing homes here together with their contact details.

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