Lyncroft Care Home shake it up with Bar & Beyond mocktails!

Lyncroft Care Home on Clarkson Avenue in Wisbech enjoyed a fun visit from the team at Bar & Beyond in Kings Lynn. Residents and staff enjoyed making and sampling ‘mocktails’ for Nutrition and Hydration week 2019.

Karl and Abbie, mixologists from Bar & Beyond, visited the care home to make mocktails for the residents, all were alcohol free apart form one which they named “The Lyncroft Bomb”. The team from the local night club demonstrated how to make the mocktails and explained about the ingredients used and how to mix the drinks. Staff had a go at making the drinks and residents enjoyed sampling the results.

“Mocktails are a fun way for residents to stay hydrated and try new combinations of fruit and drinks” Said Home Manager, Brenda Durrington “we are always looking for new and engaging activities for our residents, this was a great opportunity to bring the younger generation into our home and for our residents to meet new people and stay healthy”.

Nutrition and Hydration week is an annual event held between 11th and 17th March with a shared objective to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision  of nutrition and hydration  locally, nationally and globally.

For more information about Lyncroft Care Home in Wisbech, to discuss your care needs or to visit the home please get in touch with Customer Relations Manager, Laura Mills on 01945 475 229.

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