Mediterranean Gardens create the wow-factor at Fenchurch House Care Home

Newly opened, Fenchurch House Care Home in Spalding Common creates a lasting impression on visitors before they have even set foot through the door. Together with Olive Grove Mediterranean Nursery, care home operator Country Court has ensured the outside space is as stunning as the luxurious interior. Recently opened, Fenchurch House is Country Court’s 33rd care home, offering family-led residential and dementia care in a modern and homely setting.

Abdul Kachra, Chairman of Country Court has taken a personal interest in the gardens and has worked closely with Jon Parrott of local Mediterranean Nursery, Olive Grove Oundle, to create a stunning and beautifully mature garden for residents to enjoy.

We’ve been working with Country Court for three years now,” explained Jon Parrot joint owner of Olive Grove Oundle.

Mr Kachra has a clear vision for the gardens with residents’ needs at the heart of our plans. We aimed to provide visual impact and wow factor, without having to wait 30 years for the garden to mature.

In keeping with the unique style of plants provided by the Olive Grove, the gardens at Fenchurch House contain stunning 12-year-old palm trees from Spain, 100-year-old Olive trees and hedging that was already 8-10 years old when it was planted. Residents will be able to move easily around the wheelchair-friendly paths with quirky design features greeting them around every corner adding areas of interest and talking points. From stunning six-foot-high metal giraffe and leaping antelope sculptures to wooden carts and oak benches, there is plenty to see and do in the garden.

I want our gardens to lift the spirits of everyone who lives with us. When you see Mediterranean style planting it’s a breath of fresh air. Care home gardens are often designed to be low maintenance and can be uninteresting. People who come to live in our homes have often enjoyed creating their own mature gardens and that’s what we aimed to recreate, people want to see lush gardens and areas that stimulate and please them.” Explained Abdul Kachra.

We’ve designed the gardens so residents will have plenty to do outside, including our own bowling green and games areas. There are plenty of seating areas where residents will enjoy their meals outside in the summer months. In the winter and at night we’ve made sure the gardens are lit up so people can continue to enjoy looking at the garden from the comfort of their rooms.”

We are delighted with our garden” Said Home Manager Suria Webb “Everyone who has driven past the home has commented on the garden, we can’t wait to be able to invite people from the local community to come and enjoy it with our residents once they can.”

Olive Grove Oundle is a plant centre specialising in supplying Palm Trees, Mediterranean Plants and Olive Trees. It was founded by Tim and Jacqueline Thackeray in 2009 and has been owned by Jon and Andy Parrott since 2016. The Parrott family have spent the last 26 years building and developing Waterside Garden Centre, Baston, into one of the best family-owned independent garden centres in the UK. The Olive Grove started as a Mediterranean Nursery and has developed into a lifestyle business allowing them to work, live and meet customers in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

For more information about Fenchurch House or to make an appointment to take a look around the gardens and home, please contact Suria Webb on 01775 292 730 or email fenchurch@countrycourtcare.com

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