Minature Pony Wish Comes True for Mave at Lakeview Lodge

Residents at Lakeview Lodge Care Home in Milton Keynes recently enjoyed a special visit from two miniature ponies, Oreo and Blue, courtesy of Little Hooves Big Memories. These ponies provide therapeutic visits to a variety of settings, including care homes and schools, offering comfort and joy to people of all ages.

This heartwarming encounter was part of the ‘Make a Wish’ initiative, which aims to fulfil the personal dreams of residents at Lakeview Lodge and other homes within the Country Court group. Residents have experienced an array of unique activities, from exhilarating boat trips to memorable book launches and even adventurous off-road driving experiences.

"I never imagined ponies could be brought inside a care home"

The visit held particular significance for resident Mave, who had expressed a lifelong love for horses. Mave's daughter, Jacky, shared her amazement and appreciation for the event.

"I never imagined ponies could be brought inside a care home, but what a wonderful surprise it was! My mother has cherished horses throughout her life. She worked tirelessly to afford her first horse in her thirties, and until then, she enjoyed riding her friends' horses."

Wellbeing Coordinator, Georgia also reflected on the day's success.

"Fulfilling Mave's wish was incredibly rewarding. She often reminisces about her younger days spent around horses. Watching her interact with Oreo and Blue, and sharing those precious memories with her daughters, was truly a heartwarming moment."

The benefits of Animal Therapy

Animal-assisted equine therapy, a practice dating back to Ancient Greece, is recognized for its therapeutic benefits. The calm and gentle nature of horses makes them ideal companions for aiding individuals in coping with various mental, emotional, and physical health challenges. This is particularly evident in the positive impact on people living with dementia, as animal-assisted therapies have been shown to offer significant benefits.

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For further information about Lakeview Lodge and our initiatives, please contact our Customer Relations Manager, Sharon Guntrip, at sharon.guntrip@countrycourtcare.com or call us at 01908 641 200.

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