Resident Stuart's fundraiser for Belmont House

Resident Stuart Gosling at Belmont House Care & Nursing Home in Stocksbridge has started a fundraiser in support of the home’s comfort fund. He has set out to raise enough money for all his friends and other residents in the home to enjoy an extra special activity together. So far Stuart has raised an amazing sum of nearly £400.

Stuart commented ‘I’m fundraising for our resident’s comfort fund so that the money can be spent where needed however I would like it if we could put it towards another trip to the seaside as it was a big hit with everyone at Belmont House’.

‘Stuart came up with his fundraising idea after our trip to Bridlington. His main aim is to help our home do something that everyone can look forward to. Stuart is also doing more than just growing his beard. On the 1st of December Stuart is having his beard dyed, staff are dying the beard red and green, so that he is in full Christmas spirit.’ Commented Home Manager Joanne Coldwell.

‘I’ve never grown a beard before I’ve always been a clean-shaven man. But as I’m growing this beard, I can hand on my heart say I won’t do it again as it’s very itchy. But I’ve always wanted to try new and different ways of fundraising’ Commented Stuart.

‘Stuart was born and raised in Stocksbridge, and he was a qualified mental health nurse. He worked over 30 years within this profession at Middlewood hospital. 

In 1965 he married his wife Margret who sadly passed away last year. But they had lots of wonderful memories together that he cherishes. Together with his wife Margret they had 1 daughter Elizabeth who visits Belmont House regularly. Stuart has always been a man of the community of Stocksbridge and continues to be the life and soul of our home here at Belmont House.’ Commented Wellbeing Coordinator Yvonne Snape.

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To find out more about life at Belmont House Care & Nursing Home or to make an appointment to view the home please contact Home Manager, Joanne Coldwell on 01142 831 030 or email joanne.coldwell@countrycourtcare.com

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