Residents at Fenchurch House Care Home enjoy Olympic themed activities

Residents and staff at Fenchurch House Care Home in Spalding Common have been enjoying their very own Olympic Games this week with a range of Olympics and sport-themed activities. Named the ‘Country Court Oomph-Olympics’ (through a combination of the two companies running the event), Residents have been trying their hand at Boccia, bop-fit, artistic swimming and other events.

Fenchurch House hosted an Opening Ceremony with afternoon tea, complete with passing of an Olympic torch to mark the opening of the event. To set the scene the home was decorated with flags and a banner made by the residents. Activity Coordinators from Country Court, the operator behind Fenchurch House, have been receiving training from partner activity provider, Oomph Wellness to help run the events. Each home across the country will be leading residents in Boccia, bop-fit, artistic swimming and an open event of their choice. Fenchurch House got their games underway with an afternoon of balloon volleyball complete with a singalong to get everyone feeling motivated. 

The Oomph-Olympics are just one of the many activity initiatives that Country Court provide for residents. Providing stimulating activities in care homes is one of the most crucial elements of maintaining health, happy residents. By enabling residents to participate in meaningful opportunities, their physical, emotional, social, cognitive and sensory skills are strengthened. These five skills complete the wellbeing of a person and help maintain good physical and mental health.

Each home in the Country Court Group completed their ‘Oomph-Olympics’ events throughout July and August, with prizes awarded for the best in class of each category. Updates will be posted regularly on the Country Court Facebook page.

For more information about Fenchurch House Care Home please contact Customer Relations Advisor, Hannah Mills on 01775 711959

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