Welcoming a Century: Thara Winifred Fairley's 100th Birthday at Carter House Care Home

At Carter House Care Home in Raynes Park, London, we’re proud to mark a significant milestone: the 100th birthday of Thara Winifred Fairley. Born in Lashio, Burma, on 9th February 1924, Thara's journey through a century is a testament to resilience, enduring love, and the strength of family ties that have persisted over time.


At Carter House, the Wellbeing Team conducts life stories with each resident to learn their unique life history, supporting them to provide the very best person-centred care.


Thara’s Life Story

As the eldest child of Sein Tun, a devoted housewife, and K Swami, a successful businessman, Thara laid the foundation for a life filled with achievements and significant relationships. She grew up with her siblings, Radha, Kamela, and Patrick, all of whom have since passed away, leaving behind a legacy of familial bonds that Thara holds dear.

Growing up in Burma

Thara’s early years in Burma were marked by the joys of childhood with her siblings and pets, despite the backdrop of World War II, which led to the loss of many family photos. Her academic pursuits were nurtured by teachers like Miss Nerthersole, amidst the companionship of beloved family pets, demonstrating her resilience and adaptability from a young age.

Thara started her career at the Post Office, which later became BT. There, she worked on projects for engineers. She was dedicated to her job, just like her husband, who had important roles at the British Embassy in Burma and then at Vauxhall Motors in the UK.

Thara’s Married Life

Thara’s life story is a rich tapestry that includes poignant memories of her wedding day on December 5, 1945, dressed in a pink Longyi, and the significant places she has called home. From the early days in Tunbridge Wells with her husband's grandparents to the serene beauty of Switzerland and the community of Dunstable, each place has contributed to her remarkable journey.

Thara’s resilience was notably demonstrated during the Japanese invasion of Burma in 1941, a period that significantly impacted her life and shaped her enduring strength. Despite such challenges, Thara has remained a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration for her family and all who know her.
Thara’s Family Life

Thara’s life has been enriched by her own family, including her children Christopher, Rosemary, and Karen, as well as her cherished granddaughter Eleney, who celebrated with her on her 99th birthday. Her family tree has flourished to include great-granddaughters Valentina and Leonora, and granddaughter Christina with her husband Christian.

Happy Birthday from all of us at Carter House


We wish Thara a very happy 100th Birthday and look forward to celebrating at Carter House on Friday 9th February.


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