Caring for your feet: Common foot problems in older people

Here at Country Court a tailored foot care service is provided to residents in all of our care homes. Our partners at The Fane Clinic have nearly thirty years of experience providing foot care and treatments for older people.

People of any age can get problems with their feet. However, as you get older caring for your feet becomes more important, particularly if you have underlying issues such as diabetes. Fact: There is a diabetic amputation every 30 seconds!

Here are some examples of common foot problems: 

  •  Blisters

Blisters can be caused by standing up and/or walking for long periods of time, wearing shoes that don’t fit properly or having sweaty feet. Blisters aren’t usually serious and your foot care specialist will advise you on how to avoid these. 

  • Bunions

Bunions often develop as a result of poor foot and ankle biomechanics, corrected by orthotics ( Wearing ill fitting shoes causing pressure does not help and any underlying issue, for example; rheumatoid arthritis can add to this. Early intervention can help prevent these. 


  • Corns

Corns are hardened skin caused by friction and pressure. Once a corn has developed it needs removing as they can become very painful. A specialist in foot care will look at preventing this happening wherever possible as any constant pressure may lead to an ulcer, which is a breakdown in tissue viability. This can have serious consequences including amputation which is more prevalent in diabetics due to neuropathy and impaired wound healing. 


To prevent these issues, here are some things you can do:

  • Moisturise your feet
  • Make sure your footwear fits and that it isn’t too loose or tight. This includes socks too. 

Have a 6 weekly check-up and treatment from a foot care specialist. 

To find out more about the services we provide to residents in our care homes tap here to find your nearest care home.

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