Barbara’s Greatest Achievements for International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day female residents at Abbey Grange Care & Nursing Home in Sheffield were asked about their greatest achievements in life or work. Staff found resident Barbara particularly stood out with her work life history and humorous memories.

Following five years of training Barbara joined the RAF in 1961 where she worked as a nurse. In 1970 Barbara went on to work at a hospital in Sheffield where she had various roles in the learning disability unit, elderly unit and mental health unit. Overall Barbara completed an astonishing 50 years of service supporting adults to live independently and within a family setting. Wellbeing coordinator Sharon commented ‘Barbara has such a caring nature, and it has been wonderful to learn all about her greatest life achievements’.

Through all her compassionate work Barbara was awarded a long service award for her time within the caring industry. In 1980 Barbara got another award for stopping an armed robbery single-handed in her local post office. Barbara recalls humorously ‘I chased them out of the door with a sweeping brush!’.

‘It’s been brilliant to listen to all of our ladies’ greatest achievements and get to know them on a deeper level. Each and every one of our residents has an amazing life story to tell’ commented Home Manager Kerry Peach.

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