Beryl’s fifty-year association with Belmont House Care Home

Beryl Hides is a well known and loved resident who lives at Belmont House Care & Nursing Home in Stocksbridge. Beryl has an almost lifelong connection with the care home, before becoming a resident at Belmont she used to be the homes Head Housekeeper. Beryl started working at Belmont in 1950 and was part of the team for fifty years. ‘She had a keen eye for detail and made sure everything was kept neat & tidy’ commented Home Manager Joanne Coldwell.

A brief insight into Beryls time as Head Housekeeper at Belmont House 

Resident Beryl told staff about her past career with such passion and care, ‘Beryl loved her job and always made sure everything was done correctly. Everyone was happy to see Beryl on duty as she always had time to sit and chat to residents.’ Commented Well-being Coordinator Yvonne Snape.

‘Now Beryl is a resident at Belmont Care & Nursing Home she likes to do the rounds and make sure everyone is okay and that things are kept orderly and tidy. She also gets stuck in still with the domestic staff.’ Commented Well-being Coordinator Yvonne Snape.

As well as looking forward to lending a helping hand where she can in the home Beryl also looks forward to her special visits from her husband who visits almost every day, ‘My Husband and I are very much in love’ commented Beryl. ‘Beryl and her husband have such interesting stories. We all love listening to their memories. They are a wonderful couple’ commented Home Manager Joanne Coldwell.

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To find out more about life at Belmont House Care & Nursing Home or to make an appointment to view the home please contact Home Manager, Joanne Coldwell on 01142 831 030 or email joanne.coldwell@countrycourtcare.com


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