Bi-weekly Community Coffee Morning at Hermitage House Care Home

Residents and staff at Hermitage House Care Home in Thrapston held their bi-weekly Community Coffee Morning this week. It was a huge success, the morning saw members from the WI, the Baptist church, Thrapston Heritage society and the local community join residents for tea, coffee, freshly made cake and a chat.

Residents, Staff & Guests at our Community Coffee Morning

'Our new resident Keith kept visitors entertained as he discussed his past career working and owning H.Johnson and Sons butchers in the heart of Thrapston. Thrapston’s resident historian Eric Franklin found this extremely interesting and couldn't wait to hear more. Eric even had an old photograph of where resident Keith's butchers used to be in the town' commented Home Manager Clare Hedge

'It's wonderful to see so many new faces at our coffee morning and some who have become quite regular. It feels like we are really getting to know the town and its community well.'

‘We think the coffee morning is a wonderful idea, and we are so glad that we have attended today. We will be mentioning it to our friends for sure' commented one local resident.

'It’s lovely to join your coffee morning as we regularly see residents from hermitage attending our coffee mornings at the Baptist church' commented ladies from the Baptist church in Thrapston.

‘We had some special guest visitors at our coffee morning, and they were Diane our Housekeeper’s beautiful dogs Indi and Lucky. They interacted well with each resident and guest. They were also a great talking point for people and added to the wonderful atmosphere of the morning’ commented Customer Relations Manager Chloe Kenna.

The next Community Coffee Morning

Our next community coffee morning will be held on Wednesday 24th May from 10am -12 noon. You are all welcome to join us for tea, coffee, freshly made cake and a chat. We hope to see you then!

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For more information about life at Hermitage House Care Home please contact Customer Relations Manager Chloe Kenna on 07849 830 520 or via email chloe.kenna@countrycourtcare.com

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