Fenchurch House Care Home residents share fascinating life stories for Local History Month

As part of Local History month, residents at Fenchurch House Care Home have been enjoying reminiscing sessions with the support of their families and loved ones. The team at the Spalding care home asked families to send in photos and stories to help staff get to know people better and to use for reminiscing activities.

The initiative has produced fascinating stories and sparked many interesting conversations. The family of Patricia Graham shared a wonderful photo of her when she was the head kennel maid for a family who bred bull terriers. Mr & Mrs Oppenheimer were famous throughout Europe for their dogs. Apparently, the dogs ate better than the owners and staff!

The photos have sparked some wonderful memories and have been a great opportunity for reminiscing. “We know that reminiscing is a great opportunity to form new friendships and connections between residents in the home.” Explained Home Manager Suria Webb. “Talking about past experiences helps us to get to know people and provide more ‘person-centred’ or personalised care.”

To help with the project, families have been asked to share any photos of their loved ones and of the towns and villages where they grew up. Organised by the Historical Association, Local History month aims to increase awareness of local history, promote history in general to the local community and encourage all members of the community to participate. It is a great way for groups to highlight local history and for local people to get involved.

For more information about life at Fenchurch House Care Home, contact Customer Relations Advisor, Hannah Mills on 01775 711959

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