Heartfelt memories for Irene at Summer Lane

Irene Newey, a resident at Summer Lane Care & Nursing Home in Weston Super Mare, recently shared heartfelt memories with her son Ralph Newey about her father, William Tandy, who passed away when she was just one year old during WW1.

Historical findings and reminiscing over life stories

Despite Irene’s early loss of her father, she found comfort in poetry and became a prolific writer. In 1980, she visited her father's grave in Belgium which inspired her to write the poem 'Passchendaele.'

“We are keen to encourage our residents to maintain their family connections” explained Wellbeing Coordinator Jane Day. “Hearing our residents’ life stories often inspires their families to investigate further. Irene’s family have been fascinated by her memories and the information they’ve found out through working with a historian. It also helps our staff build connections with them providing talking points and helping us to get to know people.”

Irene recalls that her father, William Tandy, initially served in the Cavalry before joining the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. Military Historian, Jeremy Banning, speculates that William's earlier experience with horses influenced his military role. Irene's family history of her grandfather working as a drayman delivering beer barrels on a horse drawn waggon, at the Holt Brewery also suggests a slight connection between William and Lizzie Dolphin, whom he married in 1914.

'The legacy of William Tandy lives on through Irene's poetry and the cherished memories of those who knew him.'

Ralph recently visited his grandfather's grave on a tour with a military historian named Jeremy Banning. Jeremy had researched William Tandy's WWI service and provided Ralph with an insight into his grandfather's experiences at the time.

'We learnt about my grandpa's wartime experiences, including surviving the 2/1st Ox & Bucks LI attack. Jeremy Banning also highlighted the dangers my grandpa faced during the Third Battle of Ypres, where he sadly lost his life on September 8th, 1917.' Commented Ralph on his visit to Tyne Cot Cemetery.'

William Tandy was sadly 1 of the 15 lives lost on the 8th of September with war diaries stating, 'Our artillery were persistent all day in harassing the enemy and in consequence retaliation was somewhat severe, and owing to the state of the line and our exposed position our casualties were somewhat heavy.’

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