Intergenerational afternoon at Hermitage House Care Home

Hermitage House Care Home in Thrapston recently held a wonderful intergenerational afternoon with their residents, Devika day centre clients and children from Squirrels Nursery in Thrapston. Residents played games and held lovely conversations with the children from the nursery. ‘The children were very excited to join us today and were very calm and gentle with our elderly residents everyone had a wonderful time’ Commented Home Manager Clare Hedge.

Intergenerational Afternoon :

‘The children from Squirrels Nursery have been so patient and caring towards my sister whilst playing a game of cards. My sister was slow to turn the cards, but the little boy never rushed her. I feel these sessions are good for the young children and the elderly as they learn about one another and how they can best interact using different skills.’ Resident Carols sister Renay commented.

‘We put out a variety of activities for the group to do today and the biggest hits seemed to be playing catch and using our interactive OMI table which we had projected onto the floor. Our residents and those from the Devika Day Centre had the biggest smiles whilst interacting with the children from Squirrel’s Nursery. It was mesmerising to watch how the young children connected with our residents and how they adjusted their play to be softer. The children have been an absolute pleasure to have in our home.’ Commented Home Manager Clare Hedge.

‘Pat who attends our Devika day sessions enjoyed playing catch with one of the children at Squirrels. The little boy was ever so gentle and calm whilst in his game mode. We hope these will become regular afternoon sessions during which the children will learn life skills and hear stories from our elderly attendees. The sessions will help both age groups adapt their people skills towards different ages.’ Commented Caroline Ignatius.

‘Caroline’s dog, Thor also attended the Devika day session today. He loved meeting all the residents, getting cuddles and laying down watching all the activities of the session. Thor put a lot of smiles on peoples faces and was very gentle with everyone he approached. Today’s session has seen pet therapy combined with intergenerational friendships and companionship. We can’t wait to hold more of these sessions for our residents as they are filled with such positivity for all involved.’ Commented Customer relations manager Sarah-Beth Preston

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To find out more about life at Hermitage House Care Home or our partnership with Devika Day Centres please contact our Customer Relations Manager Sarah-Beth Preston on 07754 559 526 or via email at sarah-beth.preston@countrycourtcare.com

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