Moat House Support Community First Responders in Great Easton

Moat House Care Home in Great Easton recently made a generous donation of £500.00 to The Thaxted Community First Responders to mark the opening of the new care home in Great Easton. The team at Moat House were keen to support this remarkable group of local heroes who answer specific 999 calls on behalf of the ambulance service. The team works tirelessly, covering all age groups, and their ongoing fundraising efforts aim to equip them with essential resources like raiser chairs and first aid kits to strengthen their support for the local community.

Supporting our local first responders in Great Easton - 

Thank you, Moat House Care Home, for your generous donation to our charity. We aim to use the money to purchase training equipment to help us stay on top of our own regular training as well as deliver emergency awareness sessions within the local community. With all this equipment we will continue to help our community live their best lives’ Commented Volunteer Steph Doyle

We were delighted to meet with The Thaxted Community First volunteers. We had a very informative discussion and we learned that they are all taught the new 2 scores and how to monitor what different temperatures mean with regards to illnesses. They know how to correctly use a defibrillator and administer CPR to different age groups. As a team, they can access people's blood pressure, pulse rate and oxygen levels as well as administer Oxygen Therapy which is a higher level first responder certification. These skills could be vital for people living at Moat House in the future. The Thaxted Community First Responders have extensive knowledge, and we are proud to partner with them and support their charity and the wider community of Great Easton ’ Commented Home Manager Jade Smith.

'Our team has grown and awareness for our charity has been raised. We now have around 24 people on the team who can be on call to assist the community.'

Who are The Thaxted Community First Responders? -

All volunteers receive regular and extensive training and team-building days. The induction is 5 days long with the shadowing of a paramedic on site. Some of these volunteers have even gone the extra mile and delved into specialized areas, such as stroke care, through personal research.' Commented The Thaxted Community First Responders.

Volunteer Steph Doyle said 'The volunteers all have essential medical. They are on the level of having medium knowledge compared to paramedics who have the top-level knowledge. Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds including St John Ambulance and blood runners, as well as several volunteers who work in hospital settings and are full time in the ambulance service .'

The Thaxted Community First Responders extend their caring hands not only to Thaxted and Great Easton but also provide vital assistance to the Community Responder team in Saffron Walden. Their mission is to serve as an essential bridge between the NHS and the local community, ensuring that prompt assistance is available for those in need. With their medical training, these dedicated individuals can provide crucial aid before a hospital visit becomes necessary. Their dedication also extends to offering in-home assistance for minor issues, reducing the need for unnecessary hospital visits.

The team at Moat House Care Home are keen to be involved with local charities and community initiatives making Moat House a key part of the community in and around Great Dunmow. 

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