Pat & Ron’s Vow Renewal

Ron and Pat Binding who live at The Laurels Care Home in Draycott recently renewed their wedding vows in style with a wonderful celebration organised by staff, family and the local community. Resident Ron made a wish to re-marry his wife of 67 years, Pat, who is also a resident at the home as she never got to have a church wedding. As part of the Country Court ‘Make a Wish’ initiative, residents are given the opportunity to tell members of staff about somewhere they had always wanted to go, something they’ve always dreamed of having or a special activity they would like to do.

‘When I asked Ron if he had any wishes he’d like us to help grant he said “I want to marry my Pat again but this time in church because she didn’t get a church wedding” from this I immediately knew that the team would help me pull this together. We want every residents’ next chapter in life with us to be special and this is a prime example of the lengths we will go for them’ Commented Well-being Coordinator Laura.

Staff at the Laurels alongside Pat and Ron’s family organised a traditional church wedding at St Peters Church in Draycott. ‘Each member of staff at our home contributed to the preparations for the wedding, Melissa made a 3-tiered wedding cake, and everyone chipped in to do hair and makeup or the making of button hole flowers and bouquet’s. Everyone went above and beyond to grant this wish and make it a truly memorable day.’ Commented Home Manager Becky Green.

‘On the day of the wedding Pat insisted that she would walk down the aisle without a wheelchair. She was nothing but a picture of beauty and smiles as she walked down the aisle to her Ron. When Ron was told Pat was coming down the aisle he started to shout “I love you Pat” to which she was replied I’m coming Ron.’ Commented Wellbeing Coordinator Laura.

‘Speaking with Pat and Ron on a personal level was wonderful. I found out so many interesting facts about their lives. Pat and Ron had known each other since school but things moved on to a more romantic level on the steps of Watchet Station.  Ron later proposed romantically with the words “How about it then?!” Pat responded “yes okay let’s do it” and with this having been said they did just that, ‘got on with it’ marriage and life. No nonsense. Ron worked at the Paper mill and Royal Ordinance Factory and Pat was a nurse at Frenchay. Providing a living home for their two boys.’ Commented Reverend Julie.

‘The Bible reading was traditional 1 Corinthians 13 which is very down to earth and practical a “no nonsense” approach much the same as Pat and Ron’s outlook to their marriage. Their recipe for a long and happy marriage was to get things out in the open, don’t simmer and sulk and never ever go to bed angry without sorting things out and forgiving each other. (also, in the Bible Ephesians 4: 26 “In your anger do not sin” [a]: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry’ Commented Reverend Thea.

 ‘Laura and The Laurels went above and beyond to make their dream come true. Thea and I were truly blessed to play a part in it.’ Commented Reverend Julie

Pat and Ron’s family all commented on the day saying ‘their love is timeless’ and ‘you can truly see how much love they have for each other and it’s always been that way’. Pat’s niece also commented ‘I must say, Jayne and I were thoroughly impressed by the thought and care that went into such a memorable day.’

‘Pat and Ron’s son, John, had prepared a lovely speech for his parents thanking them for their continuous love and for his wonderful upbringing. He also took a moment to thank everyone for attending and especially thanked The Laurels Care Home for looking after Pat and Ron and making this wonderful event possible. John had also organised for bouquets of flowers to be given to staff members Laura and Melissa for their efforts and input on the day.’ Commented Rosemary

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