Reminiscence through music at Westfield Care & Nursing Home

Recently at Westfield Care & Nursing Home in Boston residents enjoyed a music and imagery-based reminiscence session put together by the Soundstreet Sounds. Residents were transported through the years by classic music hits and shown visuals of how Lincolnshire has evolved through the years.

‘The session was wonderful. All the residents enjoyed it. It was very factual and engaging for everyone. I also liked that our residents were able to request their favourite songs which were played at the end as a special spotlight request made out to individuals.’ Commented Wellbeing Coordinator Amanda.

‘Timmy sung every song throughout the session, and he put a bright smile on everyone’s faces. He’s absolutely loved it. He felt extra special at the end when his requested song by his favourite band ,Take That, got played.’ Commented Home Manager Shirley Woods.

‘Music really is the tonic. Mum loved it she didn’t stop moving her hands, smiling and tapping her feet throughout. She’s definitely tired now.’ Commented daughter of resident.

‘When looking through all the historical images of places like Boston Paul especially loved that our last name was on one of the shops. We also had our own special dances during the session.’ Commented Volunteer and wife of resident.

‘Music has always proven to be a good way of communicating with one another. This was proven today by residents like Mavis who absolutely adored dancing and having her daughter beside her. Resident Phylis also loved moving her hands and arms in time to the music whilst reminiscing over the songs and resident Timmy was doing his best singing and dance moves for all to enjoy. This is definitely something we will book again’ Commented Home Manager Shirley Woods.

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For more information about Westfield, or to make an appointment to view the home please contact Shirley Woods, Home Manager on 01205 365 835 or email westfield@countrycourtcare.com.

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