Somerset House 1980’s Dance Party

Residents and staff at Somerset House Care & Nursing Home in Wheldrake recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of parent company Country Court, with a 1980’s themed dance party. The residents enjoyed music, dancing, food and refreshments all themed around the 1980’s.

1980's Dance Party - 

All the big hit songs from the 1980’s and classic dances from their youth kept residents entertained and keen to reminisce about their memories from the era. Chef Manager Neil Standish and his wonderful kitchen team created an authentic 1980s themed buffet. ‘Residents were particularly amazed by the cheese and pineapple hedgehog and 80’s themed neon cake.’ Commented Well-being Coordinator Jeanette.

‘Everyone enjoyed dancing…even the staff. We all did the dance moves to songs like the ‘Hokey Cokey’ by Black Lace and ‘The Birdie Song’ by The Tweets. Wheelchair users enjoyed moving around the dance floor to their favourite songs with the assistance of carers. This put a huge smile on a lot of residents’ faces’ Commented Home Manager Dipin Peter. ‘All residents took part in the dance party whether they performed or used number cards to judge the dancing. Residents Vera and Olive were very stern judges and only scored highly if it was an entertaining performance by their fellow residents’.

‘Everyone thoroughly enjoyed reflecting back on their past and remembering what they were doing in the 1980’s. Some residents would have been in their 20’s or30’s with careers and families of their own.’ Commented Well-being Coordinator Ellie.

‘Carole and John both enjoyed one song in particular which was ‘Sweet Caroline’ and they could recite it word for word. It’s lovely to see these residents interacting with the music and being part of the fun’ Commented Well-being coordinator Jeanette.

How Country Court Began - 

Country Court was founded by Roshan Bogha and the current Chairman, Abdul Kachra in 1983. Their first care home was Beech Lodge Care & Nursing Home in Holbeach, with the group now boasting 36 care and nursing homes across the UK. Throughout June Country Court will be celebrating their 40th anniversary with 1980s themed parties in all of their care homes.


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For more information about Somerset House please contact Home Manager Dipin Peter on 01904 448 813 or email careenquiries@countrycourtcare.com

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